I live in Manhattan with my two kids and teach history at Hostos Community College in the City University of New York. I speak pretty regularly at campuses around the country (and occasionally beyond), and write for a variety of outlets when I can find the time.

My Twitter bio describes me as a “historian and advocate of American student activism,” and that’s a pretty good summary of my approach to my work. My path to academia took me through both undergraduate student organizing and campus media, and I’ve long believed that students had legitimate interests in participating democratically in the governance of colleges and universities.

I am currently in the early stages of work on my first book, a historically-informed guide for campus activists. Publishing houses and agents with an interest in that sort of thing should feel free to drop me a line at angus@fecko.com, as should journalists, activists, and folks interested in bringing me out to speak.

Oh, and I’m not good at all at promoting it, but I do have a Patreon account. A very high proportion of the work that I do is unpaid, and support from people who value what I do goes a long way toward helping me to keep doing it. Thanks.