A full list of my published work can be found at StudentActivism.net, but here are some of my favorite recent pieces:

Student Protests, Then and Now,” The Chronicle Review, December 2015. A cover story for the weekly magazine of the Chronicle of Higher Education tracing the roots of modern student organizing in the American campus’s demographic shifts over the last half century.

There’s No College PC Crisis: In Defense of Student Protesters,” Rolling Stone, December 2015, in which I argued that civil libertarian criticisms of contemporary campus activists are largely misplaced.

Why I’ll Add a Trigger Warning,”a defense of syllabus trigger warnings that was published in Inside Higher Ed and reprinted in Slate in 2014.

Don’t Look Now,” a critical re-examination of the mythology of the Kitty Genovese case on the fiftieth anniversary of her murder, published in The New Inquiry in March 2014.

“Community and Social Media,” my contribution to Routledge’s Social Media Handbook, published in 2013.

Less recent, but no less a favorite, is my doctoral dissertation, “The United States National Student Association: Democracy, Activism, and the Idea of the Student, 1947-1978.” I have made the dissertation available for download in PDF form, along with an extended table of contents I prepared expressly for web readers. If you need a non-PDF version of either of these documents for accessibility reasons, I’d be more than happy to provide one.